A national landmark in its own right, Central Market recently celebrated its 125th anniversary, further cementing its place as one of the oldest historical buildings in the country. In conjunction with this historic occasion, Central Market Sdn Bhd organized the ‘Creative Anniversary Card Design Contest’ in October 2013.

Exuding a rich history that dates all the way back to its founding in 1888 (when it was originally an open wet market) to its present day role as a key tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur serving Malaysian culture, art and crafts; Central Market offers no shortage of inspiration for those seeking artistic and creative design ideas.

Bearing that in mind, a group of ALFA College students decided to take up the challenge of coming up with the most original and imaginative card designs. With lucrative cash prizes on offer, the students competed under Category B, which was opened to those 13 years old and above. The category also attracted students from academies, universities, colleges and schools who study art, fashion, design and communications, as well as trainees in creative professions.

With stiff competition coming from a field of talented participants, it was indeed a proud moment for ALFA College when the overall results were later announced. Student Suah Ker Sze bagged First Prize for Category B, taking home prize money worth RM1500 in the process for her efforts and winning design. There was more good news when two other ALFA students, Thoo Kin Woon and Ang Loui Chiy, clinched BOTH Consolation Prizes available. Each received a RM100 cash voucher to complete a ‘hat trick’ of wins for ALFA College under a category in which only five prizes were up for grabs.

Kudos to all the winners as they join a growing list of ALFA achievers! At the same time, they have paid a fitting tribute to a national treasure during its milestone moment. Hopefully, these students would continue to do their bit in keeping our local heritage alive for years to come, be it Central Market or others.

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