It was a day to cherish for a group of 40 students from the School of Visual Communication at ALFA College when they embarked on a trio of study trips on the 3rd of March 2014. They visited several Kuala Lumpur landmarks which include the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre, the National Visual Arts Gallery and KL Tower.

The students’ first stop was to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak Jaya. The purpose of this visit was to provide the ALFA students with the opportunity to understand and appreciate the history of the pewter industry in Malaysia and to witness how pewter products are made with the finest and most intricate of craftsmanship. Among the highlights of the many interesting exhibits at the centre include the ‘Chamber of Chimes’, where visitors are able to hear unique ringing sounds that only cast pewter can produce when struck. At the end of the tour, the students savoured the sight of a wide array of finished pewter products at the centre’s showroom bearing the world-famous Royal Selangor name.

Following that, the group proceeded to Jalan Ipoh to visit the National Visual Arts Gallery, an establishment that was founded in 1958, just a year after Malaysia’s independence. The objective of this trip was to gain better insight and appreciation towards the country’s many artistic treasures and creations. For Visual Communication students in particular, it was truly an inspiring experience coming up close with so many profoundly beautiful works of art created by contemporary Malaysian artists. These include paintings, illustrations, models and various other pieces.

The final stop of the ‘CARE_AL’ tour was a visit to the iconic KL Tower. Officially opened in 1996, the 421-metre high telecommunications tower (tallest in Southeast Asia and seventh tallest in the world) has been a popular tourist landmark in KL for years, and continues to offer visitors unrivalled and unparalleled views of the cityscape below. For the ALFA students, it was a magnificent and memorable experience being in the tower’s observation deck. At the same time, they developed a sense of pride and patriotism towards the country for having such a marvellous structure in their own backyard.

All in all, the ‘CARE_AL’ study trips were successful in providing ALFA students with vital exposure in gaining ideas and inspiration from a host of tourist attractions in and around KL. Such initiatives are part and parcel of the ALFA experience that always aims to “Inspire, Innovate and Impact”.

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