Majored in Architecture

Job Title: Director

Company: ZX Atelier Sdn. Bhd.

Damon Kok is an Architecture graduate from ALFA College. He travelled to Australia following graduation from ALFA College to complete his degree at University of Tasmania. Since then, he has gained incredibly valuable experience in the industry.

He has managed large-scale healthcare and housing projects. Through his training in large-scale projects, Damon has become a local expert on project management and clientele communications.

Damon recalls his time at ALFA College, “the lecturers and fellow students were a good influence. ALFA students were diligent and helpful, thus contributing to a positive learning environment”. Damon believes that there will always be a demand for architecture graduates in the job market. “If you’re good, you can definitely find a job. You don’t have to worry”.

Driven by an urge to realize his own design vision, Damon decided to venture out amongst the ranks of independent, budding entrepreneurs. Together with fellow ALFA graduate Charles Lim, Damon established the design firm of ZX Atelier. Damon continues to dedicate his architectural strengths to his practice and ensuring that it sets itself towards international status.

As a business owner, he looks for certain qualities in an architecture graduate such as passion, diligence, and good communication skills.

“Beyond education, one must learn the industry, expand one’s network and experiment.”


  • Puchong Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Taiping Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Bukit Rimau
  • Columbia Asia Hospital, Nusanjaya
  • Satori Condominium & Sea Villas, Beserah

Puchong Columbia Asia Hospital

Puchong Columbia Asia Hospital

Satori Condominium & Sea Villas – Beserah

Satori Condominium & Sea Villas – Beserah