Creating a brand is every designer’s dream. However, pushing a brand to reach international recognition is a target that might take a lifetime to achieve. Many designers would simply prefer to focus on designing and to share their creative gifts with the world, while forgetting about the equally important role that marketing plays in order for them to achieve that dream in the first place.

Do you know ‘how’ and ‘why’ fashion names from our country such as Jimmy Choo and Belinda Looi are world-renowned with their respective brands? It is because they know how to PROMOTE their brands. This illustrates that sales & marketing in the modern market cannot be neglected. Any design, no matter how good and unique it is, cannot succeed without a good, solid sales strategy.

In conjunction with our 15th Anniversary, ALFA College has set up a new Diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship programme. Besides studying basic design, students are taught how to push their designs into the market while creating their own brand identity both locally and internationally.

This course takes 2.5 years of which 60% concentrates on teaching entrepreneurship and 40% on design knowledge. Upon completion of the programme, students would be able to master how to create a brand and devise sales strategies, from entrepreneurial skills right up to basic accounting knowledge. Students can further their studies at any foreign university upon obtaining this Diploma.

Build your own brand & be an entrepreneur

With five years of fashion and entrepreneurship teaching experience, course coordinator Mr. Karunajanan Noel says, “This course enables students who are keen on fashion design to learn how to become entrepreneurial as well. I always ask students WHY they choose to study fashion design and I always receive the same answer, and that is because they simply ‘like’ fashion designing. But I really hope that students taking this programme would not only be able to design in the end, but are also able to start a business promoting their own brand and designs.

Think for the future

On top of the above, ALFA College also provides three (3) months of internship that allows students to go into specific areas in order to gain valuable work experience. Understanding and preparing for the future working environment, students are required to choose their own internship placement such as joining retail companies like Isetan and Metrojaya. After 2.5 years in the programme, students can then move on to either the fashion or business industry. Regardless, ALFA College will adequately prepare them for the immediate future and beyond, as graduates of this programme will be able to adapt to various fashion-relation fields.

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