Majored in Interior Architecture

Job Title: Creative Director

Company: Turn Design Interior

Jeff Lee graduated with a diploma in Interior Architecture from ALFA College. He is clear about why he chose ALFA over its larger competitors. “I think that the small, close-knit environment is a big advantage for students at ALFA. Because the student to- lecturer ratio is low, we enjoyed personal attention and coaching from lecturers, and the quality of its lecturers was a big reason I chose ALFA College.”

Along with his partner, Jeff established Turn Design Interior where he assumes the role of Creative Director. The company was responsible for several prominent residential and commercial projects including Solaris, TDI @ Viva Home, Jade Hill, Kiara Hill, Papillon, Kipark, Prima Height Condo, and Bandar Sungai Long among others.

Regarding his first job as a stage designer at Astro (Malaysia’s paid TV Service provider), Jeff recalls – “ALFA equipped me with good design knowledge, and I graduated with lot of confidence and realized that my portfolio was a very important tool to show the world my creativity and talent. So having solid design training can help you secure a job and convince your potential boss to hire you with a better salary.”

Jeff added, “As an interior designer, I was trained to see the big picture and to help balance clients aspirations, functional needs and budget through a combination of engineering and aesthetic considerations”.

Jeff’s outstanding work has earned him numerous awards; Gold Award in Retail category by the 7th International IIDA InteriCAD ID in 2011, Designer of the Year by Designer Concept Magazine in 2010 and Srvice Provider of the YEAR by SMI & SME Worldwide Network in 2009.

“The quality of its lecturer was a big reason I chose ALFA College.”


  • Solaris – TDI @ Viva Home
  • Jade Hill
  • Kiara Hill
  • Papillion
  • Kipark
  • Prima Height Condo
  • Bandar Sungai Long

Residential – Kajang

Residential – Papillon

Residential – Kipark

Commercial – TDI Living Concept @ Viva

Commercial – TDI Living Concept @ Viva