Diploma in Accountancy is designed to teach the students about the essentials of accounting. Students will learn how to record all financial transactions, financial information in report and analysis and etc. Study Accountancy is very important because everything in our life, especially business is involved with finance. In many ways, accounting is the backbone of business. Its role is to track a company’s finances in their numerous forms, from credits, debits, and profitability to payroll and tax filing.

In fact, as long as there are businesses in the world, Accountants will always be needed.

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Diploma in accountancy is designed to prepare students with the competencies by having knowledge and skills and ready for the industry. Besides the theoretical, we exposed students for real industry practice experience.

Upon completion the program, graduates will be able to apply their learned knowledge and skills in accounting and finance related.

  • Accountant
  • Accounts Payable Processor
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Auditor Assistant
  • Finance Executive
  • Commercial Banker
  • Marketing Executive
  • Administrative Assistant

Entry Requirements

Education Qualifications

  • SPM / UEC / O-Level or equivalent Minimum 3 credit, including mathematics
  • Pass in BM and History for SPM

  • January
  • April
  • August

  • 2.5 Years

Course Outline

Semester 1
  • Malaysian Studies 2
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan / Business Communication 2
  • Communicative English
Semester 2
  • Business Communication
  • Business Law
  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Mathematics
  • English for research & report writing
  • Financial Accounting 1
Semester 3
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • Introduction to Management Accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Management Principles
  • Business Organization
  • Statistics for business
Semester 4
  • Pengantar Sains Sosial I
  • Macroeconomics
  • Community Service
Semester 5
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Law
  • Taxation 1
  • Financial Management
  • Computer Essential
Semester 6
  • Financial Reporting
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Accounting Information System
  • Managing Business
  • Principles of Auditing
  • TaxationII
Semester 4
  • Practical Training
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