The Diploma in E-Business introduces students to the worlds of e-business, business studies, and computer and Internet technology. It also allows students to learn how to grasp the concepts of e-business, gain basic expertise of e-business operations, and study, consolidate, expand, and apply the techniques in the business world. Students will be able to offer successful presentations and develop online marketing communication strategies, E-Business Fundamentals, E-Marketing, E-Business Applications, E-Business Strategy, and Enterprise Resource Planning are all included in the Diploma.

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Its goal is to provide students with an understanding of business concepts and E-Business activities, as well as to assess the value of the internet, information, and communication technologies, and to educate students about various online practises and business strategies that can be used to increase online visibility, usability, and competitive advantage.

  • E-business coordinator
  • E-business analyst
  • E-marketing associate
  • Assistant project manager
  • Assistant web developer
  • Information and communication advisor

Entry Requirements

Education Qualifications

  • SPM / UEC / O-Level or equivalent Minimum 3 credit
  • Pass in BM and History for SPM

  • January
  • April
  • August

  • 2.5 years (Full-Time)



Course Outline

Semester 1
  • Malaysian Studies 2 (L) / BahasaMelayuKomunikasi 1 (I)
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Communicative English
  • Introduction to E-Business
Semester 2
  • BahasaKebangsaan (L*) / Business Communication 2 (L & I)
  • Business Mathematics
  • Principles of Management
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Marketing
Semester 3
  • Social Science
  • Business Accounting
  • Principles of Economics
  • Business Data Communication
  • Introduction to Multimedia
Semester 4
  • Community Service
  • Business Law & Ethics
  • Organizational Behaviour
Semester 5
  • Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Decision Support System
  • Management Information System
Semester 6
  • Introduction to International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Web-Base System
Semester 7
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Operations Management
  • E-Business Theory and Practice
Semester 8
  • Industrial Training
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