This PASTRI MAKING Program (Level 3) aims to produce a knowledgeable and skilled workforce in pastry making activities as well as practice safety, hygiene, sanitation, frozen desserts, chocolates, innovation products, stock control, event management and product cost control.standards of employment needs in the hospitality and tourism industries under the food sector.

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  • Food preparation assistant (Commis pastry)
  • Food preparation (For pastry chef)
  • Head of food preparation section (Chef de partie)
  • Pastry chef
  • Homemade baker
  • Instructors in the field

Entry Requirements

Syarat kemasukan

  • Skilled Level 2 in the field
  • 16 Years – 35 Years
Tempoh pengajian

  • 12 Months (Full time)

Course Outline

  • Confectionery preparation
  • Frozen dessert items preparation
  • Chocolate product preparation
  • Special pastry product decoration
  • Pastry product innovation
  • Pastry production stock control
  • Pastry production control
  • Pastry administrative function
  • Pastry product costing
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