I am lucky because I studied in ALFA Collge. Alfa College gave me the chance to meet the best and nice lecturers.They led me to understand what is Architecture and bringing me to my success journey. Furthermore, there were many seniors gave me their hands when I face the problems and juniors also help me handle my stress.

Ang Kiat Khee

Students of Diploma in Architecture

Alfa international college is a great school. The Lecturers are competent, helpful and really care about your learning experience and do everything in their power to make sure you succeed. The classes are comfortable, and you get more interactions with your lecturers. The diversity of students is amazing. The way they set up their semester class schedule on moodle is very clear, precise, and concise. If you are ready to learn in a fast pace environment, very competitive, and highly student centered, Alfa international college is your school. I would recommend anyone to apply to Alfa international college. Super easy application experience and nice environment.


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

An-nyeong I'm Aden Tan and I studied in ALFA College taking Diploma in Multimedia Design program. Alfa college have a good environment for study and the lectures and friends are treat me just like my family with full of love. ALFA college is just like my second home.

Aden Tan Yuit Yang

Diploma in Multimedia Design

I am very glad that i have a chance to study here at Alfa International College. The environment is really comfy, the staffs and lecturer are really friendly and the learning method are fun and effective. It.s really worth it to study here and level up my education.

Asha Bella Kenanga

Bachelor in Business Administration

I am indeed fortunate to have studied in Alfa International College because it brought about a much richer and fulfilling experience for me, both academically and in College life. The Lecturers are very dedicated in facilitating us in our learning journey. I am confident that I shall be equipped with sufficient skills and knowledge to join and compete at the work place in the near future.

Kavisshini Soundara Rajan

Diploma in Interior Architecture

ALFA International College has a comfortable environment with a close-knit community among lecturers and students. The lecturers here are very kind and passionate about guiding the students and ensuring we get the best education. My fellow classmates aided me throughout my course as well. Overall, it was an enjoyable time for me. I gained a lot of insight and experience while studying at ALFA

Alia Nadhira binti Nor Alam Shah

Diploma in Interior Architecture