Majored in Interior Architecture

Job Title: Design Principal

Company: Avtor Designers; Moonstudio Interiors Sdn. Bhd

Following graduation, Victor worked overseas in Kazakhstan for three years leading teams on design projects in Central Asia & Eastern Europe. After returning to Malaysia, he founded his own interior design firm, Avtor Designers.

As part of its industry-relevant curriculum, ALFA College offers a unique internship or Industrial Attachment programme. “It opened doors. The company in which I did my internship later offered me a position in Kazakhstan, and in 2 years I became Design Manager, running the office for projects in Central Asia and East Europe.”

When asked of the challenges he faced at work, Victor replied, “Learning the trade. It’s tough when you’re fresh out of college. That’s where having mentors to guide you really makes a difference”.

He advises Interior Architecture students to constantly practice resourcefulness. “Be responsible, diligent and motivated. But most importantly, maintain curiosity and imagination”.

“Beyond education, one must learn the industry, expand one’s network and experiment.”


  • Barhat (Velvet) Restaurant, Radisson SAS Hotel, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, Chocolate Bar at Radisson SAS Hotel, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • High Commission of Malaysia to India, New Dehli, Competition
  • Embassy of Malaysia to Pakistan, Ismabad Competition
  • Kementerian Pendidikan (MOE) Reception Lobby, Putrajaya
  • Datuk Sharizat’s Residence in Janda Baik, Pahang
  • Kementerian Hal-Ehwal Dalam Negeri (KHEDN)

Transitional Spaces

Commercial – VIP Room

Transitional Spaces